Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara

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Hello my loves!

The Drugstore (and Sephora, for that matter) has been flooded with new makeup items... and some definitely caught my eye! One of them was the Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara... And let me tell you that comb mascara is a fairly good definition of this one!

 Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara

Weird brush right?
That's exactly what made me buy this one, because I never saw a brush like this before (I'm pretty sure is not an innovation, but I got curious either way)

I originally bought this mascara to use it on my lower lashes... And I loved it for that, so I end up trying it out on my upper lashes as well.

I did struggle on the beginning and I wasn't felling it. I thought the mascara was really clumpy. My lashes with stick together and it would look like I had 5 really thick lashes...not a good finish result! But then I decided to give it another try and clean the brush (on the edge of the mascara tube) before applying it: GAME CHANGER you guys! Game changer! Like that the lashes look voluminous, fluttery and it also lengths them.

If you want to see me apply this mascara, click on the play button bellow:

Xoxo, Marta.

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