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Hello lovelies:

First of all I just want to apologize for the lack of posts and videos... But I really didn't got time to film or write posts lately. I'm expecting to go back on schedule next week, so fingers crossed!

I started doing some reviews of older products. And by older I mean products that are not new in the stores and are still available. With that said, I think we all know the Instain blushes by The Balm.
The Balm, is a very cool brand that has very good quality products, with one of the most appealing packagings on the market and that are available at a drugstore friendly price... although they are not available at the drugstore... at least not in Switzerland or Portugal.
I already reviewed Argyle here on the blog and today I'm going to review Lace:

The Balm | Instain Blush In Lace

If you have or ever saw the Instain collection you know that it's compose by six blushes, three for spring and three for Fall. I do not agree with all the labeling, but for Lace, it's dead on! Lace is a Spring color... It calls for spring... you can even ear the birds sing when you look at it.

If read my post about the Argyle blush, you already know that pink blushes are not my favorite... I used to love them, actually my blushes were mainly pink (with one burnt rose exception), but now, as I get older I have been loving more nude/bronzy colors and some Peach/coraly blushes (and I used to hate peach... now I'm obsessed! Never say never people).

When I bought this blush I really loved it and used it a lot, but now it's something that I have in a conner of my draw. I don't consider getting ride of it, mainly because I got ride of almost all other bright pink blushes and I do want to keep some, just in case I change my mind and want to start using them again (hey can happen).

But with that said I still think this is a gorgeous blush to wear specially on the spring and summer time! It will give that nice, playful flush!

Lace is a pink cool toned blush, that in my opinion it will look particularly good in thoses with pink undertone. I do think that matching your foundation, blush, bronzer,... or even your lipstick color undertone to your undertone makes for a glorious match... but I do use products with yellow undertones that do not look as flattering... but I like anyway! So don't take my advise too serious! If you like it use it! It's only makeup... have fun... it comes out whenever you want!

Theses blushes pack a lot punch, so do go in with a very light hand, specially if you have a fair skin tone. And they do last a very long time, as the brand claims... mainly because they will stain your skin. So if you have problems with blush durability, you will definitely love theses!

Xoxo, Marta.

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