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Hello my loves!
Recently I shared on youtube a new foundation from the drugstore, the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation. It's fairly new foundation (on the Suisse market) and it seemed to have a good range of colours.

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation - 105 Natural Ivory

A little introduction to my skin type, for thoses of you who are not familiar with it:

  • Fair skin with cool undertone;
  • Combination sensitive skin with rosacea;
  • Oily T zone and dehydrated cheeks and forehead.
Despite of my combination skin and oily T zone I do not like matte foundations... I find that they tend to look cakey and "unnatural" looking on my skin... So I was a little bit in a fence about this one.

The brand announces that this foundation is super-saturated with colour (which in my opinion is the same as saying that has a medium to full coverage), but this foundation has a light to light medium coverage. Don't get me wrong I love it of a every day wear... but I wouldn't say it's super saturated....

They also claim the this foundation mattifies the skin, refines the pores and leaves a natural finish to the skin.
I find the foundation leaves your skin with a matte/satin finish that looks gorgeous and very natural indeed. As I said before, it's a great foundation for everyday wear, because it evens out your skin tone and gives you some coverage without the makeup look! Your skin, really looks like skin.
In the pore refining area... I didn't notice a thing to be honest....

When I bought this foundation, 105 Natural Ivory was the lightest shade available, but now they also have the shade 102 Fair Ivory. I don't find that the 102 is lighter than the 105 (when I swatched them on the store) but I did notice that the 105 leans more to the neutral yellow side and the 102 it's more pink toned...
With that said if it was today I had definitely bought the 102 shade instead. As you can see by the picture above, it's a little too yellow for me... though I can still make it work!
I did wish that they had a slightly lighter shade (with pink undertone) though I can make this one work it's a hair darker than me...

I know what you are thinking... "Marta it's the exact same colour as your skin"... Well loves, our face it's always a little lighter than our body and my hands are particularly tan in comparison to the rest of my body...
If you guys want to see me apply this foundation to my face and see how it holds up trough out the day just hit that play button:

Xoxo, Marta.

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