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Hello beautiful people ❤

As you might know, I'm a fair skin girl (with a cool undertone) and I'm on the hunt to find good products that match my skin, mainly foundations, bronzers and contour products, as thoses are the ones I struggle with.
So today I bring you a very affordable product, by the brand Essence, that it's a very good match for me and will be a good match for all of you that have fair to light medium skin!

Essence 2 in 1 highlight & contouring - lighter skin

This contour stick comes with two sides, a contour shade (that honestly was the one I was most interested in) and and highlighting shade.

The contour shade is a cool tone brown shade. This shade it's not to cool, meaning it's not your normal grey tone shade that sometimes looks a little ashy on the skin. This one has a pink undertone to it, that in my opinion makes the best contour shades (specially if you have a cool undertone to your skin). In my search I found that people that have warm undertone skin can get away with a cool undertone contour and also with a warm one. That's why we see so many girls contouring with bronzers... because their lucky and it looks good on their skin. The only colour that doesn't look good is the ashy contour (that if you have cool undertone you will be able to pull it off).
With that said, this shade will look great in both undertones and for thoses with fair to light medium skin. For thoses of you darker than light medium you might want to check the darker shade from the range.

I love a cream/stick contour products ! I think they blend really well and looks super natural on the skin. So theses are my personal favourite for everyday use.

The highlight shade really surprised me!
I haven't swatch it on the store (just swatch the contour side) and when I tried for the first time I fell in love!
It's creamy, easy to apply and it looks natural but at the same time gives the most beautiful wet glow of life! 😍 Can you tell I'm in love with it?

If you want to see me apply this product to my face live just hit the play button in the video below 😉

Xoxo, Marta.

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