The Balm | Instain Blush In Argyle

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Hi guys!
I decided to start making some reviews here on the blog (and sometimes on the channel as well) of products that are not new on the market or in my collection, by any means, but are still available and I want to share my thoughts about them with you! Feel free to comment down bellow your thoughts as well!

Today I'm going to start with one of my Instain Blushes by The Balm!
I'm a blush fan... and when I found The Balm blushes on sale on Maquilallia (a really long time) ago, I couldn't resist! So I bought them all! (what else is new??)
Let's start by reviewing Argyle, shall we?

The Balm | Instain Blush In Argyle

They all come with a slip in case... That I absolutely hate, because I feel compel to keep... but to be honest it's not practical and doesn't really have a purpose.
The packaging itself it's made out of cardboard, that looks and feels very sturdy and well made. It has a magnetic closure, that I personally love!! If I was in charge of makeup rules, all packagings would be magnetic... That way I would avoid the nail breakage, the "OMG would you open already" and the ever so popular "I can't believe you open up and dirty my entire bag..." (can you relate with this scenarios?)

This blush is/was my least favorite from the pack... You guys have no idea how many times I almost declutter it (I guess I never did it because it was part of a collection...) I'm not the greatest fan of pink blushes (I was, when I was younger... but not anymore) and this one in particular didn't appeal to me one bit! I was so disappointed when I received it, because it didn't look anything like the swatches that I saw online... And I have to confess that for over a year, I never wore it! I swatched it a lot... but never actually used it on my cheeks.

This year I decided to get ride of makeup that I didn't like, didn't suit me or overall didn't work for me... I decided to keep only the items that make me happy to use! But before I got ride of anything I decided to give them a chance and wear them... Just to be sure I didn't like or even to form an opinion (theres many I never wore... shame...)!

Argyle was one of the products that I made myself wear (and I was reluctant)... What can I say... I loved it! I still can't believe it! I still look at this blush in the pan and I don't like it... I still swatch it and find it ugly... But on the cheeks... Oh!! You guys have to try out!

Argyle is a soft warm tone pink with a satin finish, and I say satin because it's a matte blush, but it's not a flat matte.
Theses blushes are long wearing and do stain your skin slightly. So if you have problems in blush durability, this one is definitely for you!

Have you ever encounter a product that you were sure you would hate but surprisingly you loved it?

Xoxo, Marta.

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