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Hello beautiful people!!
I was never a fan of tints... never! I tried several and didn't like (basically) how it apply... and basically because I didn't applied it properly!

When I catched Benefit Lolitint on sale... even know I didn't liked tints I went for it... why? Because I can't resist lilac....

Such a cutie....

Lolitint is a pink lilac shade that stains the skin and does not come of, unless you use a waterproof makeup remover.
I love to use it as a lipstick! It's great because it gives you a really nice and natural shade that stays put all day (even when you eat).
But I also love to use it as a blush!
What I do to get an even application? I apply it directly to a dual-fiber brush and then apply it to my cheeks in circular motions.

In this pic you can see me with Lolitint in my lips and cheeks... Beautiful and natural.

Xoxo, Marta.

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