My Secret For a Natural And Quick Bronzed Skin

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Hey beauties!
Todays post is kinda different... Barbara from Aloha, challenge me to tell you guys a secret to keep bronzed, healthy skin all year round. So here it goes:

You might have notice that my skin is really fair...
When I was younger I used to love to have bronzed skin, just because I didn't enjoy the ghostly like skin that I have, specially in the winter time.
And in that time self-tanners weren't a thing yet... so todays tip is for you that want a nice, healthy tan look without using self-tanners, solarium,... or any other expensive and potentially dangerous tricks.

My skin tone doesn't bother me anymore, to be completely honest, nowadays I love my fair skin and I don't eve like to get bronzed anymore... but, I thought I would share with you a great trick to get really tan, quickly and that even works in the winter...

To start of... no matter how desperate you are for a bronze, don't go out in a sun without a sunscreen... This is very important! If you can, always use sunscreen, even in the winter time.
The UV rays are dangerous and in the long run will make your skin look older, uneven and you can even have skin cancer... so don't risk it!

Has you can see by the pic, I'm pale... and so I always have to use a very high sunscreen.... which doesn't help in the tanning part... but in my adolescence I was always able to get a deep bronzed look... and I mean deep... and the trick is very simple... eat carrots!

Carrots are rich in betacarotene, which helps you get bronzed more easily and even helps your skin keep that bronze... And even better carrots are know for being a vegetable that helps prevent cancer and helps prevent cell aging! All the more reason to "attack" those carrots!

The betacarotene present in the carrots (and in some other vegetables and fruit) is absorbed by the organism instantaneity, so you will get tan very easily. To keep your bronze all year long just include this vegetable on your daily diet.
I use to eat carrot soup, salads... carrot rice... you have numerous ways to eat this vegetable.

Hope you like this post, let me know your tricks for a perfect bronzed skin!
Check Aloha, for more fantastic health recipes.


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