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Hello my loves!
Today I bring you a different post...
I just discovered a new online shop, that as amazing cute stuff... It's really cheap and I fell in love with some of their items and am going to place an order...
So I thought I would share some of my favorite things with you before I place the order... So you can help decide what to order first:

Let's start with nails... You all know I love me some nail bling:

Nail art pens are always a must for that special touch.

Metálica spikes is a thing that I have wanted to try for a very long time... They have theses in gold, silver and lead.

And this black holographic rhinestones are my personal favorites! They also have them in white!!!!

Still on beauty... I saw they have a bundle with this liquid matt lipsticks:

I used to see them around e-bay a lot... but they were always out of stock... So as these came in a bundle (and are pretty inexpensive) I thought I would give them a shot!

I also found theses brushes on the site... they are Real Techniques replicas, from their first Eye Kit.
I got some Sigma replicas and they're actually pretty good, so I'm really curious with theses. They also have the Face Kit from the same range.

One thing that intrigued me a lot, is this Foot Care Pedicure Machine... I have the original one by Dr. Scholl... So I would love to see if this is a good dupe for it! The Dr. Scholl one is great, but really expensive, so if this one does the same job, I would be a fan!!

If you know me, you know I'm a scarf addict and this season, plaid is my thing... So theses scarfs are so cute... it's hard to resist!

And lastly I have my eyes set on this beauty!!
It's pink... what can I say?

Which are our favorites? Which ones should I order first?
Let me know on the comments bellow!

Xoxo, Marta

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