The Leopard Was Pink...

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Hi gorgeous!
Today I'm FINALLY going to show you one of my favourite blushes! And if you follow me on my channel you probably already know which one I'm talking about, because I raved and raved and raved about it!
So yes, here it comes:

Pink Leopard by Too Faced is a blushing bronzer, meaning that this is a bronzer that you can use as a blush... and honestly in my complexion it works a lot better as a blush than as a bronzer...
I can definitely see this being a good all over bronzer for people with medium to deep skin tons, because it will give them a gorgeous all over glow, but in my skin (because I'm so fair) it doesn't work as good.
In the Summer I can still pull it out as a all over bronzer, dusting it very lightly... But is as a blush that my heart pounds for it!

So gorgeous!
I have to say that I liked more the old print that this bronzer used to have... but in terms of color it's still the same!

When you apply it to your cheeks, it will give a nice healthy bronzy flush and glow!
It's absolutely stunning!


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