The Flufiest Pancakes Ever

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Hi guys!
I always had a sweet tooth... Always!
And when I was still living in Portugal, one of my favourite places to hang out was the coffee shop Gondola. They had the most amazing deserts ever! And their ice creams were hand made...
They had ice creams, ice cream soup (yep), cakes, crepes,... but my absolute favourite were their fluffy pancakes! Never in my life have I ever tasted nothing like it... perfectly soft, tasty... a heavenly treat...

 Thoses were made by me, but... you get the drill!

Unfortunately with the time the coffee shop lost it's edge and it's charms (it looks like a dump now... unfortunately) and became a common coffee shop here basically only drug addict enter... Needless to say that the famous deserts, are long gone!

But... happy day! I manage to recreate the recipe that they used for their pancakes... I confess I have the most amazing taste buds. Normally I can guess what a recipe has in it... So I went online and found lot's of similar recipes that matched my research... So I kinda did it the way I thought it would taste better. And let me tell you, they are to die for...

Hit the start button and learn how to do this simple recipe:

They are super easy and quick to do... and they are healthy as well.
If you want them even healthier, just eliminate the salt and sugar from the recipe and they will work just as well.
If you want something more yummi, try to add a little bit of cocoa powder into the recipe and I promise you they're amazing! (first pic are my cocoa pancakes, don't they look yummi?)
For topping you can go as healthy or not as you want! Get creative and have fun!


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