Fresh and Well Rested Feet

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Hi guys!

Have you ever been up all day, just walking back and forth? In work perhaps?
And have you reach the end of the day feeling so tiered that the only thing you could feel was your feet hurting?
Well, I feel you girl... I also had my fair share of thoses days... and so I came to share with you a product that save my life (and feet for that matter).

Let me present to you:

Yves Rocher is a natural brand that is very similar to The Body Shop, but with a price tag much more atractive.

I had this feet gel laying around my house for a while now... and honestly I was thinking about giving it to someone, because I never used it (and let's be honest I hate lavender smell. Don't know what make me buy this stuff, but I sure glad I did).

This gel is indicated for tired feet and refreshes them wonderfully.
What I normally do, in thoses days that I'm really tiered, is I drag my body (literally) to the bathtub and have a nice hot shower to relax the muscles. Then, I massage... well my boyfriend massages my feet with this... but you get the drill! If you have a willing soul nearby that will massage your feet after a long day: just grab it! Don't complain!

This product literally made my day!
I love it and I can't live without it!


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