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Hi guys!
After a huge time without showing my face on social media, I finally decided to come back!
I have to confess, that I did consider the possibility of stopping all activities... I was really tiered of everything, a little depressed with my own life (you know how it goes... Life not always go the way you wanted... and sometimes life is a real bitch...). But after having this 2 months just for myself... I decided to have a new attitude towards life: I will be grateful for what I have! For my wonderful family,  for the friends, the wonderful new house,... Yes my life isn't perfect and I don't have everything I want... far for that... but I could have so much less... I'm healthy, I don't have money problems (luckily), I live in a beautiful country, I have a roof over my head! There are so many people that unfortunately are not so lucky.
In this past few months I met so many people that are in so many difficult situations... That have such a hard life and still they find things to be happy about and to be grateful for what they have! So why shouldn't I?

So bottom line, I changed... Not in every way... I still love makeup and nails and to buy cloths... But I'm more conscious, I have new interests and I have a new attitude towards life. I don't know if that will reflect in my blog and other social media (probably), but... I want you all to know, that I have changed in this way and also want to invite you to think about my new motivation. Are you also like I was... Always waiting for something else to feel grateful, to feel happy? That new job, that polish or lipstick that you know you're gonna love? to loose thoses extra pounds? A new car? A new home? But what about now? Don't you have things that can make you happy and grateful everyday? A loving family, a worm bath in the end of the day, feeling pretty... a beautiful sunset!
Be grateful for what you have! Every single day that you wakeup is a blessing and is a chance for you to be happy and to make someone else happy too!
Think about it!

I live you with a small video... it's me rambling about life and stuff!

Marta ♥                    

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