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Hi beauties...
I always wanted to try bagles... But it wasn't a very common thing back in Portugal... To be truth I never really look for them... but I also never found them anywhere...
I already saw them in plenty Swiss Supermarkets but I kinda lots my interest on the subject.

But a couple of days ago I was watching Shaaanxo on youtube and she made theses bagles with tomatoes that  look super yummi (and healthy... I'm trying to go healthier... I slipped when I came to Switzerland... but there were so many yummi things to try... I'm weak guys)
So next time I went shopping I made sure I bought a couple of bagles to try... and OMG THEY ARE GOOD!

If you follow me on instagram you already saw this pic... I'm completely addicted to this!

So let me tell you my favourite combo:

  • Sesame seed bagle, open in half and toasted in both sides,
  • Non fat, non sugar cream cheese (just a little to give flavour),
  • A slice of chicken ham (I cut it into small pieces and display it around the bagle),
  • Lot's of tomato (I ❤️ tomato).
I also tried this recipe with salt and pepper (like Shaaanxo does... But I prefer without seasoning).Let me know if you have some more yummi healthy recipes you would like to share with me, and if you try this one let me know your thought on it.


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