On Tape: Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition | Review & Swatches

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Hi guys!!
I have a new video up in my channel:

I finally made it in edditing this video... I filmed this video three times and had to edited it twice... That was a pain in the a**! But luckly I'm not an easy quitter, so...

All the shades mentioned and swatched:
  • Personne Ne Rouge, 
  • Frambourjoise, 
  • Hot Pepper, 
  • Peach Club, 
  • Olé Flamingo, 
  • Pink Pong, 
  • Nude-ist,
  • Happy Nude Year,
  • Don't Pink Of It,
  • So Hap'Pink,
  • Beau Brun.
Hope you guys have found this post and review useful.
I see you in my next post.

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Thanks so much for your comment! It means a lot to me!
I will answer you as soon as I can.

xoxo, Marta.